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our mission

We recognize the emotional and financial burdens that cancer places on a family. It is our mission to provide a little joy and financial relief by gifting mortgage payments to families impacted by cancer, often a family's biggest monthly cost.

provide families impacted by cancer financial and community support

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our goals

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provide joy

We understand the difficulties and burdens cancer presents to these families. Through this gift, we honor their resilience and determination as they fight the fight each and every day. We hope this gift brings them the peace of mind to continue to experience the joy in life.

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give support

Life is infinitely better when we do it together.  Therefore, we aim to provide financial support to each family not just through the gifting of a mortgage payment, but also through the network we have created that inspires these families through their fight.

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inspire hope

 Inspire a family whose bills are piling up. Inspire a family to get away together. Inspire a family who needs their spirits lifted.  These families are our biggest inspiration, and we hope to pay forward the influence they have on our lives in everything we do. 

our story

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Jennifer Lazo, Mario Lazo, and family

This journey began October 2018 with our flock’s co-founders Jennifer and Mario Lazo, Keeli and Jamie Simpson,  and Emma Walls. At the time, Jennifer was battling Stage IV Breast Cancer, with a dream of using her platform to support other families impacted by cancer. Keeli had experience creating marketing campaigns and knew she had to do everything in her power to make Jennifer's dream a reality. 

With some creative magic from Emma, the designer who pulled it all together, "Join the Flock" was born, a movement that grew to support thirteen families impacted by cancer within its first year.

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Families impacted by the group

Keeli Simpson, Jamie Simpson, Katie Walton, and Dayna McJenkin at a Join the Flock fundraiser

We understand firsthand that cancer can quickly turn your world upside down.

Beyond the disease itself, for many, a cancer diagnosis signifies the end of who they were emotionally, shifting their focus and energy toward the fight that lies ahead. And with that, most make the singular and continual choice to cherish each day while soaking up as much life as they can.

Jennifer made this choice every day. She made this choice for herself and her family. Her story was filled with positivity and purpose. And she soaked up every ounce of life while inspiring all who crossed her path or read about her journey.

Sadly, Jennifer lost her battle with cancer in 2019. She left behind an army of those who loved her, admired her, and who continue to miss her daily. She called us her flock, a name that stuck.

It was at the height of her battle with Stage IV Breast Cancer that she took a monumental step to further impact those going through the same fight. Her goal: to help alleviate financial burdens by raising money to provide mortgage help for cancer patients. With the help of her family, friends, and support system this dream became a reality, giving rise to Join The Flock.

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Jennifer believed that life is infinitely better when we do it together in times of need and victory, so it is our charge to keep Jennifer’s dream alive. With that belief at our core, we aim to continue to grow our flock and provide a little joy to more families and communities.

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