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Jennifer & Mario Lazo

Join the Flock Co-Founder & family

Emma Walls

Join the Flock Creative Officer

Keeli & Jamie Simpson

Join the Flock Co-Founders

Jennifer Lazo & Jamie Simpson

Join the Flock Launch

Oct. 2018

Our Story


This journey began October 2018, with our flock’s co-founders Jennifer Lazo, Keeli and Jamie Simpson. At the time, Jennifer was battling stage four cancer, with a dream of using her platform to support other families impacted by cancer. Keeli had experience creating marketing campaigns and knew she had to do everything in her power to make Jennifer's dream a reality. With some creative magic from Emma Walls, the designer who pulled it all together, "Join the Flock" was born, a movement that grew to support thirteen families impacted by cancer within its first year. 


What We Do

Now, Join the Flock, Inc. is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Atlanta, GA. We recognize the emotional and financial burdens that cancer places on a family. Therefore, it is our mission to provide a little joy and financial relief by gifting mortgage payments to families impacted by cancer, often a family's biggest monthly cost. 

Jennifer believed that life is infinitely better when we do it together in times of need and victory, so it is our charge to keep Jennifer’s dream alive. With that belief at our core, we aim to continue to grow our flock and provide a little joy to more families and communities.


Our Mission


Relieve some of the pressures of everyday bills to free up some room for joy, as we give 100% of our donations to support families impacted by cancer.


Engage and empower people to talk about their flock. Encourage a loving community based on empathy.


Focus on the victories of every

family, and give them a platform

and outlet to celebrate them. 



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Do you know an incredible person or family that has been impacted by cancer? 

Please nominate them below. We are looking for deserving families that would benefit from the gift of a mortgage payment.


Give a Gift. Change a Life. 

Each one of us can have an impact. We invite you to Join our Flock and support these precious families who have already overcome so much. 

Please help us reach our $75,000 goal! This is equivalent to 2,500 people giving $30However, any and all donations are appreciated and help impact those in need.


Text "GIVE" to 



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